3 Panty Designs That Won't Show Through Your Clothing

While some women change into special lingerie before intimate moments with their partners, others enjoy wearing risque undergarments throughout the day. You might feel very sexy when you wear kinky lingerie beneath your clothing for work or for a date, for example. When you choose lingerie that you'll wear in this way, you want to be confident that the panties won't be visible through your clothing. Some panties can have evident lines that people can see, especially when you're wearing tight pants. Any online lingerie retailer will have a variety of panties that are designed to be invisible through your pants. Here are three examples that may appeal to you.


Perhaps the most popular type of panties to wear when you don't want your underwear to be visible is a thong. Because the fabric at the rear of this undergarment sits between your cheeks instead of on the surface of them, there won't be a visible line that people can see through your pants. Lingerie retailers have thongs in all sorts of styles, ranging from some that just barely cover you and others that provide more coverage. You can think about the look that you want to have both when your pants are on and off, and then choose your thong accordingly.


Despite their name, boyshorts are a sexy underwear option that many women enjoy wearing. They can vary in design from brand to brand, but tend to be very thin. This means that they don't have raised edges that may be visible beneath your tight pants. Boyshorts are available in high-rise and low-rise designs, allowing you to choose whatever you feel will be sexy on your body. If you have a few extra pounds, you might prefer high-rise boyshorts because of the coverage of your abdomen that they offer.

Bikini Panties

Bikini panties are another type of lingerie that won't typically be visible through your pants. Like boyshorts, they're available in several styles, but tend to leave a lot of your skin exposed — making them a sexy choice that your partner will enjoy. Bikini panties are often cut high in the back and use thin fabric that won't add much bulk under your pants. You can buy bikini panties on their own or as part of two-piece lingerie sets. Browse an online lingerie store to shop for these and other panties that won't be visible through your clothing.

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