Wearing Hells Angels Support Gear

Becoming a member of the Hells Angels takes a long time, and it's not for everyone, to put it very, very lightly. People who admire the Hells Angels who aren't members can show their support by wearing support gear, essentially those items that show they support the group specifically but that don't break any of the numerous rules regarding apparel and logos.

Obey the Rules!

Hells Angels logos are protected by a strict set of rules—so strict that the motorcycle club has taken companies like Disney to court for having cartoon parodies of the group. One of these rules is that non-members, no matter how supportive, can't wear specific logos or the group's name. There are items that supporters can wear. But if you are seen wearing anything restricted to members, including the famous vest, and you are not a member, you will be in trouble with the Hells Angels. They likely don't cut people slack just because they support the group.

Watch out for Counterfeits, Restricted Items, and Competition

You might be only a supporter and not a member, but support gear is distinct and should not be counterfeit. If you spot clothing that displays the name "Hells Angels," for example, that is not good support gear as non-members can't wear any Hells Angels logos.

One thing that often creates a problem is treating support gear as just another piece of clothing. You have to be careful not to wear support gear while also wearing support gear for a competing club. Even wearing Hells Angels support items, such as a recognizable patch, while speaking to competing motorcycle clubs can be seen as inappropriate. And again, you should never wear gear that is restricted to only members.

Realize What You're Getting Into

While not all of Canada has branded the Hells Angels as a "criminal enterprise," some parts have. Manitoba, for example, declared the group criminal in 2014. Other provinces like British Columbia have not declared the group to be criminal, but that does not mean that no one there thinks the group has criminal ties. If you wear Hells Angels support gear, realize what you're getting into. People, including law enforcement, may recognize the support gear. While the police can't treat you like a criminal just because of your clothing, individuals can develop a specific impression of you just based on what you wear, and that can affect their interactions with you.

Wearing Hells Angels support gear is not something to take lightly. Be sure you get accurate gear that adheres to the group's rules on who can wear what. You don't want to wear items reserved only for members if you're not a member yourself.

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Becoming a member of the Hells Angels takes a long time, and it's not for everyone, to put it very, very lightly. People who admire the Hells Angels w